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Will Ron Johnson Support Bipartisan Legislation to Prevent the Overturning Elections? Don’t Count on it.

Sep 20, 2022

Today, the Wisconsin State Journal asked Ron Johnson’s office “whether he would support a bipartisan measure aimed at preventing future elections from being overturned,” but they “won’t say”. 

Don’t hold your breath on this one though, Ron Johnson’s own actions during Trump’s push to overturn the 2020 elections, tells us everything we need to know:  

  • Ron Johnson said he would join with other Republican senators and object to certifying electoral college results for the 2020 Presidential Election. 

  • Ron Johnson attended meetings led by conspiracy theorist and Trump ally Mike Lindell focused on strategies for delaying and preventing certification of Biden’s win.

  • Ron Johnson’s chief of staff told Vice President Mike Pence’s team that Johnson wants to give Pence documents on Wisconsin and Michigan’s fake “electors.” Those “official-looking documents falsely affirm[ed] former President Donald Trump won Wisconsin and Michigan as Pence prepared to affirm Joe Biden’s electoral victory on Jan. 6, 2021,” and appear to have been part of a Trump campaign and RNC scheme to block certification of Biden’s victory and attempt to replace duly-elected Biden electors with sham Trump representatives — with the ultimate goal of overruling voters and throwing the election to Trump. 

  • One of Wisconsin’s fake electors has been working on Ron Johnson’s reelection campaign.

  • Ron Johnson has called on Wisconsin Republican lawmakers to take over future elections and told local officials to ignore the work of the bipartisan elections commission the GOP set up.

  • Ron Johnson has refused to commit to accepting the results of the upcoming 2022 elections.

Published: Sep 20, 2022

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