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Doug Mastriano Caught Outsourcing and Using Russian Stock Footage in Campaign Ad

Oct 07, 2022

As the Philadelphia Inquirer reported this morning, Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano was caught using foreign stock footage in a recent campaign ad — outsourcing work abroad despite his baseless attacks against Democrats for doing just that.

In the ad, which he cannot afford to actually put on television, Mastriano uses stock footage from Russia, Belarus, and Poland to show his “vision” for Pennsylvania, instead of using video actually shot in the Commonwealth.

Philadelphia Inquirer: Mastriano’s vision for Pennsylvania … with views from Russia, Poland, and Belarus

By: Chris Brennan | October 7, 2022 

  • Doug Mastriano has been using what he calls “an inspirational message” — a four-minute video released last week — to drum up donations in his Republican bid for governor in Pennsylvania. 

  • Vowing to “transform Pennsylvania,” the first two minutes focus on claims that the Democratic nominee, state Attorney General Josh Shapiro, has failed at his current job. The next two minutes, with stirring music, zooms in on Mastriano’s vision for the state.

  • One issue there: The state senator from Franklin County, who has accused Democrats of allowing the outsourcing of jobs to other countries, uses stock footage from videographers in Russia, Poland, and Belarus to show viewers what he wants Pennsylvania to look like.

  • A clip of a couple playing with a toddler while Mastriano talks about parents making a better country for their kids — that came from Russia. 

  • A clip of a man working in an industrial setting as Mastriano talks about ending employment regulations — that’s from Poland.

  • A clip of a boy waving to a mother while Mastriano talks about defending the rights of parents in education — that’s from Belarus.

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Published: Oct 7, 2022

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