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FILE PHOTO: David McCormick, President Bridgewater Associates, speaks on a panel at the annual Skybridge Alternatives Conference in Las Vegas May 7, 2015.  REUTERS/Rick Wilking/File Photo

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Soon-to-be-Announced #PASen Candidate David McCormick Wants to “Break the Back” of Public Schools and Teachers’ Unions

Mar 20, 2023

In case you missed it, in an interview last week reported by The American Independent, “multimillionaire and potential 2024 Republican Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dave McCormick said…that public schools are insufficiently pro-America and accused educators of not acting in students’ best interests.”

During an appearance on a right-wing radio talk show, McCormick was asked about “wokeness” in schools, to which McCormick spouted off a litany of right-wing talking points, ending with, “And that’s why we’ve got to break the back of our teachers’ unions and our public school system.”

These comments come after McCormick lost the 2022 Pennsylvania GOP Senate primary to celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz. McCormick is licking his wounds and gearing up to try and win the 2024 GOP Senate primary, where he will likely go up against failed gubernatorial Doug Mastriano.

Take a look at more key points from the report below. 

The American Independent: Possible 2024 GOP Senate candidate wants to ‘break the back’ of public schools

By Josh Israel | March 17, 2023

Key Points:

  • Multimillionaire and potential 2024 Republican Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dave McCormick said on Monday that public schools are insufficiently pro-America and accused educators of not acting in students’ best interests.

  • McCormick, who lost the 2022 Republican Senate primary to Mehmet Oz, made the comments during an appearance on the Rich Zeoli Show on Philadelphia talk radio station 1210 WPHT, first flagged by the progressive research group American Bridge 21st Century, after he was asked about “wokeness” in America’s education system.

  • He replied:

    • “Our schools are failing, in terms of teaching our kids the ability to compete on a global stage. But more than that, they’re teaching them that America is not exceptional. If you look at the history that’s being taught, and the key to preserving America is that our children believe it’s exceptional and they fight to keep it that way. And so that’s my biggest issue. And this all became clear during COVID, because all of a sudden, parents could see that the history that was being taught, the sexualization that was happening, particularly in our elementary schools, they could see that teachers were making decisions that were not in the best interests of their children. And that’s why we’ve got to break the back of our teachers’ unions and our public school system and give kids choice and get parents more involved. And if there was ever a case for that, we’ve seen it recently.”

  • During his unsuccessful 2022 campaign, McCormick’s website issues page said he wanted to end COVID-19 safety restrictions in schools: “He believes the government should never impose vaccine mandates on citizens and children belong in school. Parents should be deciding what is best for their children, not teachers’ unions and special interests.”

  • It also stated: “The extreme left is attacking American history, culture, and values. As someone who has served the country in combat and lived the American Dream, Dave believes America is exceptional. He will stand up against the wokeness taking over our schools, big businesses, and the media, and he will fight to ensure every child can live the American Dream too.”

  • “American families must have a say in their children’s education,” McCormick tweeted in February 2022. “It’s time to get politics out of the classroom and stop the Far Left from pushing their progressive agenda on our children.”

  • During the 2022 campaign, critics repeatedly questioned McCormick’s honesty and integrity.

Published: Mar 20, 2023

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