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New Jersey resident Mehmet Oz is an anti-abortion scammer and a fraud who’ll say and do anything to benefit himself — no matter how many people have to get hurt.

PA Republican Senate Candidates Still Won’t Accept Election Results

But they’ve defended Trump’s Big Lie and the violent Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol Ahead of the anniversary of…

Mehmet Oz Abortion Tuesday, Dec 7 2021

Mehmet Oz Now Backs Abortion Ban—Despite Knowing Better

Discussing Alabama’s highly-restrictive 6-week abortion ban in 2019, Oz “denounced the idea as dangerous, unfair to women, and premised on…

Mehmet Oz Friday, Dec 3 2021

Mehmet Oz’s Products Produced Overseas, Despite Campaign Rhetoric

A new report from Salon highlights that while Pennsylvania New Jersey Republican “Mehmet Oz launched his Senate campaign this week with calls to focus on…

Mehmet Oz Tuesday, Nov 30 2021

American Bridge 21st Century on Mehmet Oz Campaign Launch

In response to reports that Mehmet Oz plans to enter the Pennsylvania Republican U.S. Senate primary, American Bridge 21st Century spokesperson Brad…

Mehmet Oz Friday, Nov 19 2021

Republicans’ Pennsylvania U.S. Senate Primary Is An Unmitigated Disaster

You could say we’re “in Oz” of Pennsylvania and national Republicans’ U.S. Senate recruiting incompetence. Just… read this. Politico: Pennsylvania Republicans…

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