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New Jersey resident Mehmet Oz is an anti-abortion scammer and a fraud who’ll say and do anything to benefit himself — no matter how many people have to get hurt.

News Articles Press Releases Mehmet Oz Friday, Jul 15 2022

Dr. Oz Hopes To Be Inducted Into the New Jersey Hall of Fame

According to a new report from HuffPost, in 2019 “New Jersey’s glitterati gathered to toast the Garden State and honor…

Press Releases Mehmet Oz Friday, Jun 17 2022

More Coverage Exposes Mehmet Oz as a Scammer Who’ll Say, Do Anything to Boost and Enrich Himself

Two new reports underscore the reality that Pennsylvania Republicans’ U.S. Senate nominee Mehmet Oz is a scammer and a fraud…

Oz and McCormick are Wrong for Pennsylvania

Facing down a recount, both Mehmet Oz and David McCormick are wrong for Pennsylvania workers and families.

GOP Senate Candidates Campaign on Abortion Bans

A new report from Axios highlights that Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Florida, and Ohio all have one critical thing in…

Mehmet Oz Abortion Tuesday, May 3 2022

Mehmet Oz on Roe: “The Court is right”

Pennsylvania Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mehmet Oz just said, “The Court is right,” regarding the leaked report that the Supreme Court’s Republican appointees…

David McCormick Mehmet Oz Thursday, Mar 24 2022

PA’s $40M+ Scorched Earth GOP Primary

Today’s Fox News headline says it all: “Pennsylvania is home to most expensive Senate race in nation.” According to AdImpact data…

David McCormick Mehmet Oz Wednesday, Mar 16 2022

David McCormick’s Hedge Fund Made Over Half $1 Billion In Fees. Pennsylvania Retirees Got “Middling” Returns.

David McCormick’s hedge fund made over half $1 billion in fees. Pennsylvania retirees got “middling” returns.

David McCormick Mehmet Oz Monday, Mar 14 2022

Keystone Cons: More Mehmet Oz and David McCormick Campaign Rhetoric That Doesn’t Match Their Records

Why are Pennsylvania GOP Senate candidates David McCormick and Mehmet Oz lying to voters and trying to cover up their records?

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