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GOP 2024 Presidential Hopefuls

News Press Releases The Oppo Dump Donald Trump Economy Tuesday, Jul 16 2024

Donald Trump Failed the American Economy

News Third-Party Spoiler Candidates Donald Trump RFK Jr. Tuesday, Jul 16 2024

Trump Calls Spoiler Candidate RFK Jr. + Says They’re “Going to Win”

News Press Releases Donald Trump Tuesday, Jul 16 2024

ICYMI: Official RNC After Party Headlined by Antisemitic, Racist DJ Duo

Press Releases Donald Trump Economy Tuesday, Jul 16 2024

America Wasn’t Safer Under Trump

Thursday, Oct 6 2022

ICYMI: DeSantis Accepted Federal Disaster Aid After Voting Against It for Hurricane Sandy, Violated Group Rules in Campaign Ad

According to a recent report from The American Independent, 2024 presidential hopeful and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis “is one of many Republican politicians in…

Monday, Oct 3 2022

VIDEO: Rick Scott Refused to Defend McConnell From Trump Weekend Attacks

Yesterday, U.S. Senator Rick Scott of Florida stumbled through a justification of Donald Trump’s racist post against Elaine Chao, Trump’s former Cabinet Secretary and…

Monday, Oct 3 2022

ROUND UP: FL’s Ron DeSantis, Rick Scott, Marco Rubio are Hypocrites on Disaster Relief Funding

2024 presidential hopefuls Ron DeSantis, Rick Scott, and Marco Rubio are all being hypocrites when it comes to disaster relief…

Monday, Oct 3 2022

ICYMI: Rick Scott: There Are “Arguments To Do” Abortion Restrictions “At The Federal Level”

Yesterday, NBC News reported that U.S. Senator Rick Scott of Florida seemingly supported Senator Lindsey Graham’s extreme bill to ban abortion nationwide,  saying, “there's…

Monday, Oct 3 2022

ICYMI: Rick Scott: Medicare, Social Security Funding Should “Looked At Every Year”

A new report from The American Independent highlighted calls from Republican U.S. Senators Rick Scott (FL) and Ron Johnson (WI) to put Medicare and…

Friday, Sep 30 2022

Rick, Tim Scott Vote Against Disaster Relief AGAIN Amid Hurricane Ian

Yesterday, Republican U.S. Senators Rick Scott (FL) and Tim Scott (SC) chose partisanship AGAIN over the safety of their citizens in voting against millions…

Tuesday, Sep 27 2022

ICYMI: DeSantis Campaign Donors Awarded Over $1.6 Billion In State Bids

Today, The Intercept reported that 18 companies who contributed to Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis’ campaign received over “$1.68 billion in contracts from state…

Friday, Sep 23 2022

ROUND UP: Ron DeSantis Accepts Money from Alleged Mob Family, OAN CEO

This week, reporting from The Daily Beast and Floricua on Ron DeSantis’s financial disclosures uncovered that he’s accepting thousands of dollars in donations from…

Friday, Sep 23 2022

Rubio Pulls Campaign Ads Amidst Prostitution, Other Controversies

This week, Florida Politics reported that Florida GOP Senator and 2024 hopeful Marco Rubio pulled two ads from broadcast TV this week — one…

Thursday, Sep 22 2022

Ted Cruz Takes Credit For Infrastructure Funding He Voted Against

Yesterday, Heartland Signal reported that the spineless U.S. Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, “took credit for an ‘incredible victory,’ saying he led the…

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