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GOP 2024 Presidential Hopefuls

News Press Releases Third-Party Spoiler Candidates RFK Jr. Friday, Jun 21 2024

Nicole Shanahan Flops in First Major Television Interview

News Press Releases Third-Party Spoiler Candidates RFK Jr. Friday, Jun 21 2024

RFK Jr.’s Rough Week

News Press Releases Donald Trump Tuesday, Jun 18 2024

ICYMI: Trump Is Bragging About Endorsements From Black People. He Paid Some.

News Press Releases Donald Trump Gun Safety Wednesday, Jun 12 2024

This F*cking Guy Congratulated Himself After the Pulse Shooting

2024 Watch: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Pushes Extreme Culture War Agenda

DeSantis’ Out-Of-Touch Agenda Furthers His Political Ambitions, While Ignoring Floridians’ Health And Economic Prosperity This week, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis continued…

Gov. Kristi Noem Pushes a Far Right Culture War Agenda in SD 

Instead of Passing Bills that Cut Costs for SD families, Noem Attempts to Raise Her National Profile After months of scandal, incompetence,…

Fox News: NRSC Chair Rick Scott Again Defends Proposal For Senate GOP Tax Hikes

Five weeks after first introducing his “11-point plan,” NRSC Chair Rick Scott is continuing to defend his “post-midterms GOP roadmap” agenda that “sunsets…

The Reviews Are In: 2024 GOP Contenders Clown Themselves In KBJ Hearings

Coverage of Judiciary Committee Behavior Pans Future GOP Also-Rans “Condescending.” “Truly Bizarre.” “Hallucinatory.” 2024 future GOP presidential contenders in the…

American Bridge 21st Century Statement on Donald Trump’s 2024 Presidential Campaign Announcement

Donald Trump was a failed President who left America with an out-of-control pandemic and the largest unemployment in modern history.

Pompeo Plays ‘24 Endorsement Politics With Donations to Anti-MAGA Republicans

According to a new report from the Kansas Reflector, in 2021 Mike Pompeo’s super PAC sent more than $2 million to…

2024 GOP Presidential Contenders Fall for Yet Another Conspiracy Theory

Yesterday the Washington Post reported that major potential Republican 2024 candidates, including Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, and Josh…

Gov. Noem campaign received contributions made by right-wing extremist, killer

In Response American Bridge Released a Video Highlighting Her Unscrupulous Fundraising Ties In case you missed it, yesterday the Argus…

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