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Reproductive Rights

Thursday, Sep 22 2022

Masters Backs Arizona’s Extreme Abortion Ban Lies About Exceptions For Rape And Incest

According to a new report from HuffPost, during multiple interviews this week, Arizona Republican U.S. Senate nominee Blake Masters reaffirmed his support for…

Thursday, Sep 22 2022

ICYMI – MSNBC: AB21 Co-Chair Cecile Richards Joins All in With Chris Hayes

This week, American Bridge Co-Chair and former president of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards joined MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes…

Tuesday, Sep 20 2022

DePerno: Plan B Is Like Fentanyl and Should Be Banned in Michigan

Today, a recording of Matt DePerno, the Republican candidate for Michigan attorney general, was released by Heartland Signal, proving that despite his…

Monday, Sep 19 2022

ICYMI: AB21 Co-Chairs Sec. Tom Perez and Cecile Richards on MSNBC

With about fifty days until the midterm elections, American Bridge Co-Chairs Cecile Richards and Secretary Tom Perez joined MSNBC on…

Thursday, Sep 15 2022

SECRET AUDIO: Brian Kemp Says He Is Open to Banning Contraception

In new a bombshell report from Heartland Signal, a secret recording captures the moment Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp “expressed his…

Thursday, Sep 15 2022

The Company COSEN GOP Candidate Joe O’Dea Keeps: Fundraising With Election Deniers and Anti-Abortion Extremists, Hosted by Rape Apologists

According to a recent report from the American Independent, today Colorado Republican U.S. Senate Nominee Joe O’Dea will attend a major Senate Republican…

Wednesday, Sep 14 2022

American Bridge 21st Century Statement on New Hampshire Republican U.S. Senate Primary Results

American Bridge 21st Century released the following statement on Don Bolduc winning the New Hampshire Republican U.S. Senate primary despite Mitch…

Tuesday, Sep 13 2022

We Have the Receipts: U.S. Senate Republican Candidates in Lock Step with Lindsay Graham’s New National Abortion Ban

Lindsay Graham and Senate Republicans aren’t the only ones going all in on abortion bans. So far this cycle, in…

Monday, Sep 12 2022

COSEN GOP Candidate Joe O’Dea Not the Moderate He Claims To Be

Recent coverage of Colorado Republican U.S. Senate Nominee Joe O’Dea shows that his claims of being a moderate and an outsider to his party…

Thursday, Sep 1 2022

WATCH: Marco Rubio Supports Banning Abortion “from the Moment of Conception”

This week, 2024 GOP hopeful and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio echoed his extreme and unpopular abortion stance saying, “I believe that we…

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