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SECRET AUDIO: Brian Kemp Says He Is Open to Banning Contraception

In new a bombshell report from Heartland Signal, a secret recording captures the moment Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp “expressed his openness to ban contraception” during the next legislative session, should he win in November. LISTEN HERE In the recording, Kemp was repeatedly asked whether Republicans can ban Plan B during the next legislative session. Kemp responded by saying that depending "on where the legislatures are…

Brian Kemp David Perdue Friday, Mar 25 2022

Trump, Perdue and Hice vs. Kemp and Raffensperger

Tomorrow, Donald Trump will arrive in Georgia for a rally with two purposes — to bolster his hand-picked candidates in key battleground races, and…

Brian Kemp David Perdue Herschel Walker Wednesday, Feb 23 2022

ICYMI – The Jolt: Herschel Walker: “I don’t support either” Kemp or Perdue

Georgia’s Republican Party continues to be divided as the messy and chaotic primary between Brian Kemp and former failed senator David Perdue devolves into…

Every 2022 GOP Gubernatorial Candidate is an Anti-Choice Extremist

2022 gubernatorial candidates from Arizona to Pennsylvania have united around an anti-choice platform so extreme it risks endangering the support of their own voters.

Brian Kemp David Perdue Monday, Dec 13 2021

“Political Civil War” Breaks Out Between David Perdue and Brian Kemp

The “political civil war” in Georgia’s gubernatorial race is heating up after David Perdue announced he will sue over the…

Republican Gubernatorial Candidates Embrace Deeply Unpopular Texas

Across the country in key swing states, Republican gubernatorial candidates strongly support the Texas abortion ban, which outlaws the practice…

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