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ICYMI – MSNBC: AB21 Co-Chair Cecile Richards on The Impact of Dobbs 6 Weeks from Midterms

Sep 27, 2022

Yesterday, former President of Planned Parenthood and co-Chair of American Bridge 21st Century Cecile Richards joined Andrea Mitchell reports to weigh in on how the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade will impact the upcoming midterm elections. With only six weeks until Election Day, far right anti-abortion extremists are doubling down on their attempts to not only make abortion illegal but to ban contraception as well.

Recently, three Republican candidates for statewide office have said that they are open to — or outright support — banning contraception. Gov. Brian Kemp in Georgia said he was open to banning Plan B during the next legislative session, should he win in November.

And in Michigan, Republican AG candidate Matt DePerno was caught on audio comparing Plan B to fentanyl and saying that contraception should be banned and blocked at the border. Arizona GOP Senate candidate Blake Masters has also come out in support of banning contraception. 


“I think the interesting thing about what’s happened since the Supreme Court overturned Roe is that two groups of voters are highly motivated now – women who don’t always vote in midterm elections, but are so upset about what’s happened,” said Cecile Richards, Co-Chair of American Bridge 21st Century. “And then, of course, the critical swing and independent women voters who can’t believe that the Republican Party would return us to a day when government made decisions about pregnancy instead of women.”

Published: Sep 27, 2022

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