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Right-Wing Extremists RFK Jr. & Donald Trump Share Libertarian Convention Stage

May 24, 2024

RFK Jr. will speak to the Libertarian Convention this afternoon, just one day before Donald Trump is slated to address the fringe third-party group.

RFK Jr. is running a campaign to spoil the election for Trump in November, so it should come as no surprise that RFK Jr. and Trump will grace the same stage this weekend. Both candidates share extremist views on some of the most important issues facing voters today.

From Jan. 6 to praising American adversaries to restricting reproductive health care rights, RFK Jr. and Donald Trump are on the same side of the issue: the wrong side.

Republican Donors

Sympathies for Insurrectionists

A Desire to Restrict Abortion Rights

A Desire to Destroy Public Education

A Xenophobic Immigration Policy

Published: May 24, 2024

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