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News Articles Press Releases Tudor Dixon Wednesday, Nov 9 2022

American Bridge Statement on Gretchen Whitmer Win

On the news that Gretchen Whitmer won re-election, American Bridge spokesperson Alexandra De Luca released the following statement:  “Tudor Dixon scraped through her primary because of Betsy DeVos’ money and the Michigan Republican Party’s historic implosion, and lost tonight because she was a terrible candidate with a dangerous vision for Michigan. Her extreme position on abortion — she said she supported a total ban in…

Press Releases James Craig Thursday, May 26 2022

The Universe to the Michigan GOP: YIKES

Bad news for the Michigan GOP. Unless something major changes, two of their top recruits in the gubernatorial race will not…

James Craig Friday, May 13 2022

What’s James Craig Hiding?

The presumed frontrunner in the Michigan GOP gubernatorial primary is skipping a debate on a few hours’ notice. Why? News…

Monday, May 2 2022

STATE-BY-STATE: How GOP Governors Plan to Criminalize Abortion

With the news breaking tonight that the Supreme Court has decided to overturn Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v.…

Kristina Karamo Wednesday, Mar 30 2022

Homophobe of the Day: Trump’s Michigan BFF, Kristina Karamo

Kristina Karamo, Donald Trump’s handpicked choice for Michigan’s Secretary of State and a dangerous conspiracy theorist, spent the year 2020…

Garrett Soldano Tuesday, Feb 22 2022

In Unhinged Anti-Science Rant, Garrett Soldano Admits He’s Unvaccinated

Republican Michigan gubernatorial candidate and conspiracy theorist Garrett Soldano once again made headlines, this time after admitting on the record that he…

Garrett Soldano James Craig Thursday, Feb 3 2022

James Craig Agrees With Soldano’s Disqualifying Anti-Choice Beliefs

Yesterday, Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidate James Craig sided with his primary opponent Garrett Soldano – backing the disgusting and disqualifying anti-choice belief that there should…

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