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ICYMI: AB21’s Paid Media Blitz Makes Headlines

This week, American Bridge 21st Century launched their first round of ads in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. These ads are the first wave of a $140 million ad campaign against Donald Trump, primarily targeting women voters in suburban and exurban communities in key battleground states. They focus on one of the most important fights of this election cycle: abortion rights; and the threats another four years of…

Press Releases Peter Meijer Monday, Nov 6 2023

American Bridge Statement on Peter Meijer U.S. Senate Campaign Announcement

Today, former-Congressman and billionaire heir Peter Meijer threw his hat into the increasingly-crowded ring for the GOP nomination for the…

Press Releases James Craig Tuesday, Oct 3 2023

The Michigan Senate GOP Primary Becomes the GOP’s Latest Dumpster Fire

Today, failed gubernatorial candidate James Craig announced he is jumping into the GOP primary for U.S. Senate — if he can…

“TRUMP SOLD US OUT”: AB21 Sends Airplane to Trump’s Michigan Event

Donald Trump spent the entirety of his time in the White House pushing an anti-worker agenda that hurt American auto…

Press Releases Mike Rogers Wednesday, Sep 6 2023

Florida Man Seeks GOP Nomination for U.S. Senate in Michigan

Florida man, failed presidential candidate, and former Congressman Mike Rogers announced today that he is running for U.S. Senate in Michigan.…

NRSC Recruiting Ultra-Wealthy Candidates To Buy Senate Seats

According to a new report from Politico, the NRSC and establishment Republicans are doing everything in their power to recruit filthy…

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