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News Press Releases Donald Trump Reproductive Rights Monday, May 13 2024

WATCH: American Bridge 21st Century Releases First Wave of Anti-Trump Testimonial Ads

May 13, 2024

Ads in MI, PA, and WI feature real voters sharing their fears around Trump’s anti-reproductive rights agenda

Today, as part of their $140 million presidential paid media program, American Bridge 21st Century launched their first wave of ads in key battleground states. Voters — especially women voters — in suburban and exurban communities in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin will be seeing TV and digital ads, as well as a robust direct mail campaign, featuring stories from everyday Americans living in these communities about the imminent threat of another Trump presidency.

Still from an ad featuring storyteller Anna

This first wave of storyteller ads, developed after American Bridge conducted months of in-depth research into swing-state voters and interviewed hundreds of people in these three states, focuses on the reality of post-Roe America and highlights true stories from people who are terrified about Donald Trump’s assault on abortion and reproductive rights. These ads tell true stories of everyday Americans who have lived experiences that provide meaningful examples and reasons why Donald Trump simply cannot be president again.

These ads will feature stories of people like:

  • Anna, a Wisconsin OB-GYN sharing her personal abortion story and how her pregnant patients are terrified of a second Donald Trump presidency.
  • Lori and Jim, who are both retired nurses in Pennsylvania who are passionate about health care and are afraid another Trump presidency would slash affordable health care access.
  • Rich, a father and grandfather in Pennsylvania who is afraid that if given another term in the White House, Donald Trump would eliminate reproductive health care decisions for his children and grandchildren.

“American Bridge is all in to defeat Donald Trump. We’ve been gearing up and planning for this cycle since the 2020 election,” said American Bridge 21st Century Co-Founder Bradley Beychok. “Through our organizing efforts, we’ve recruited hundreds of people living in these battleground states, who were willing to share their stories about why another Trump White House would be so devastating for them. We’re proud to provide the platform that ensures that voters in these key states hear their stories, and we know they’re going to make all the difference on Election Day.”

“Donald Trump has made his 2024 mission very clear — he wants to enact a federal ban on abortion. Another four years of Donald Trump means countless more attacks on reproductive health care,” said American Bridge 21st Century Co-Chair Cecile Richards. “Voters of all walks of life, from every corner of the country, have made it clear that their right to choose is sacred, and that this November, they’re going to vote to protect that right for themselves and their loved ones. These ads, their stories and their voices will help remind voters just how disastrous Donald Trump’s presidency was for reproductive rights, and how if given another four years, he will strip even more of our rights away.”


Published: May 13, 2024 | Last Modified: May 15, 2024

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