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Matt Rosendale

News Matt Rosendale Thursday, Sep 6 2018

NEW: While He Thought We Weren’t Looking, Matt Rosendale Scrubbed “Rancher” From His Campaign

 Montana voters know the difference between a rancher and a cow pie “After years of pretending, even Rosendale himself recognizes…

Virtually Every Republican Senate Candidate Is Lying About Pre-Existing Conditions

“Republican Senate candidates’ pathetic excuses for protecting pre-existing conditions coverage are a master class in political pandering,” said American Bridge…

News Matt Rosendale Wednesday, Jun 20 2018

Failure of Leadership: Voters Will Hold GOP Senate Candidates Accountable For Backing Family Separations

Kevin Cramer Admits His Stand Will Hurt Him: “I Know It Perhaps Sounds Not Very Compassionate” While a majority of…

News Matt Rosendale Friday, Jun 15 2018

Running Scared: Rosendale’s First Two Weeks as Nominee

We know one GOP Senate candidate who’s saying TGIF today. Matt Rosendale has been on the ballot in Montana less…

News Matt Rosendale Thursday, Jun 14 2018

VIDEO: Maryland Developer Matt Rosendale Runs Away From Questions About His Rancher Lies

Maryland developer Matt Rosendale fled Montana to escape reports of his fake ranching -- and ran straight into the arms…

News Matt Rosendale Wednesday, Jun 13 2018

QUICK CLIP: Matt Rosendale Steps In It Again

Matt Rosendale really can’t keep his facts straight. He already got caught posing as a rancher. Then he lied about his first…

News Matt Rosendale Thursday, Jun 7 2018

Fake Ranchin’ Rosendale Caught in a Lie…Again

Rosendale will say anything to distract from his weak primary results   Matt Rosendale just can’t seem to stop lying.…

News Matt Rosendale Wednesday, Jun 6 2018

SHOT/CHASER: Matt Rosendale Keeps Lying, Tries To Sound Like A Rancher (Again)

In his victory speech after barely scraping through his party's primary, Matt Rosendale debuted some brand new awkward rancher metaphors in…

News Matt Rosendale Wednesday, Jun 6 2018

NEW AD: Matt Rosendale Is Damaged Goods Following Deeply Divisive Montana Senate Primary

Russell Fagg: Rosendale “running for five offices in eight years just looks like he came to Montana to start his political career” Today, immediately…

News Matt Rosendale Monday, Jun 4 2018

Senate Brief: Montana Republicans Pick From Self-Destructing Candidates Tomorrow

Week of Monday, June 4, 2018 IN BRIEF: Montana Republicans head to the polls tomorrow to choose between three abysmal candidates who have…

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