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Friday, Sep 28 2018

WATCH: Pre Debate, American Bridge Reminds Montanans That Rosendale Is Facing Legal Complaints

Sep 28, 2018

American Bridge launched a social media video today to remind Montanans tuning into this Saturday’s Senate debate that State Auditor Matt Rosendale is currently facing legal complaints into alleged illegal coordination with the NRA.

The video uses a compilation of news reports to highlight Rosendale’s ongoing legal scandal.

Watch a highlight reel of Rosendale’s legal woes:

Rosendale came under fire earlier this month after audio published by the Daily Beast revealed him bragging about the NRA’s imminent entry into his race. Asked about incoming outside spending on his behalf, Rosendale said “I fully expect the NRA is going to come in…in August sometime…[NRA strategist] Chris Cox told me, he’s like, ‘We’re going to be in this race.’”

About a month later, the NRA did enter the race in Rosendale’s favor. The NRA is a 501(c)(4), or “dark money” group. It is illegal for federal campaigns to coordinate with these groups.

In the weeks following, a campaign finance watchdog and gun safety group announced a complaint to the FEC requesting they investigate Rosendale’s potential law-breaking.

Watch “Breaking News, Breaking Laws” here.

Published: Sep 28, 2018 | Last Modified: Feb 1, 2024

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