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Garrett Soldano James Craig Tudor Dixon Thursday, Feb 3 2022

Does the Rest of the MIGOV Field Agree With Garrett Soldano on Plan B?

Feb 03, 2022

This week, Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidate Garrett Soldano was widely criticized by Michiganders after a recent interview went viral in which he claimed that survivors of rape should be “heroic” in their pregnancies because the baby could one day be president.

Soldano later doubled down on his extremist comments, saying “as a man,” he would never change his position.

But Soldano’s most troubling comments might be his claims that life begins at DNA — a baseless and scientifically incorrect statement, considering it implies strands of hair are sentient beings. By saying life begins even “before the heartbeat,” Soldano makes it clear that he has a moral objection to Plan B and other forms of hormonal or even physical contraception. With abortion access under attack on all levels, it’s clear that Republicans have found the next major target in their crosshairs: Americans’ access to contraception.

Here are questions Soldano and every other Republican running for governor needs to answer — because they are no less publicly anti-choice than him:

  1. Do you believe, like Garrett Soldano, that life begins at DNA? Why or why not?
  2. Would you ban Michiganders’ access to hormonal contraception, including Plan B?
  3. Would you ban all abortions, including those in the case of rape or incest, or is Garrett Soldano more anti-abortion than you?

Let’s be clear: Soldano is not the only Republican running for governor of Michigan who holds disgusting and disqualifying anti-choice beliefs. Every single primary candidate, if elected, would enforce a nearly-century-old law that makes providing an abortion a felony should Roe be overturned. What they dream about doing after that — including banning Plan B and other forms of contraception — should terrify Michiganders. 


Published: Feb 3, 2022 | Last Modified: Feb 7, 2022

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