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With Kelley’s Arrest, Michigan GOP’s Bad Week Gets Worse

Jun 09, 2022

It was already looking bad for the Michigan Republican Party. And that’s before the FBI came knocking.

Five Republican gubernatorial candidates had been kicked off the ballot for failing to submit enough real signatures — and are now facing inquiries into their campaigns’ alleged attempts at defrauding the democratic process.

Two of these candidates — former Republican frontrunner James Craig and self-funding multi-millionaire Perry Johnson — have said they are considering launching write-in campaigns for the general election — disastrous news for the eventual Republican nominee and the party as a whole.

Snake oil salesman Garrett Soldano, now high up in the running, was caught on camera saying that he wanted to ban Plan B — an announcement that infuriated Michiganders of both parties, including far-right activists like Kristen Meghan Kelly

Yesterday, Donald Trump himself made it clear to allies he wasn’t yet willing to endorse in the race.

And then this morning, news broke that the FBI had arrested one of the remaining gubernatorial candidates, Ryan Kelley, for storming the U.S. Capitol and riling up fellow violent insurrectionists during the attempted January 6th coup.

“The incompetence and sheer disarray on display from the Michigan Republican Party would be hilarious if it didn’t have serious potential impacts on the lives of millions of Michiganders and their families,” said Alexandra De Luca, spokesperson for American Bridge 21st Century. “The Michigan GOP needs to put their own house in order before they consider making the argument that their gaggle of right-wing extremists has any necessary qualifications to lead the state.”


Published: Jun 9, 2022 | Last Modified: Aug 28, 2022

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