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Dr.  Mehmet Oz

Mehmet Oz Tuesday, Nov 30 2021

American Bridge 21st Century on Mehmet Oz Campaign Launch

Nov 30, 2021

In response to reports that Mehmet Oz plans to enter the Pennsylvania Republican U.S. Senate primary, American Bridge 21st Century spokesperson Brad Bainum issued the following statement:

“New Jersey resident Mehmet Oz is a grifter and a fraud who has gotten rich while recklessly hocking debunked and baseless treatments — repeatedly abusing his platform and the public’s trust, including to spread dangerous misinformation during the pandemic.

“Oz clearly cannot be trusted to represent Pennsylvania families in the Senate, and his entry into this already-disastrous GOP primary guarantees that things only get messier from here.”

Yes, this GOP primary field is historically weak — which is why national Republicans are scrambling to find anyone else willing to run — but with a slew of well-funded and highly-ambitious candidates willing to throw sharp elbows, Dr. Oz has no idea what he’s signing up for…


Published: Nov 30, 2021 | Last Modified: Dec 10, 2021

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