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Friday, Feb 4 2022

Report: Pennsylvania Has Second-Most “Bridges In Poor Condition”

Feb 04, 2022

Yet Pennsylvania’s Republican U.S. Senate candidates Still oppose the bipartisan infrastructure law that invests in job-creation, roads and bridges, clean water, and high-speed internet

According to a new national study, Pennsylvania has the second-highest number of the country’s “bridges in poor condition.” Despite that reality, Pennsylvania’s Republican U.S. Senate candidates oppose the bipartisan infrastructure law to create good-paying jobs and invest in Pennsylvania’s roads and bridges, high-speed internet, and water infrastructure. 

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pennsylvania currently has 3,198 bridges in poor condition, and around 35,200 that should “be replaced for safety reasons.” Luckily, the Keystone State will receive $1.6 billion to repair broken bridges — and almost $19 billion in funding for other infrastructure projects – as a result of President Biden and congressional Democrats’ Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. 

Jeff Bartos, Kathy Barnette, and Carla Sands all oppose the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. David McCormick has criticized President Biden’s successes, including the infrastructure law. And Mehmet Oz is standing right with them.  

Read more from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Pennsylvania has second-highest amount of the country’s 43,000-plus bridges in poor condition, national study finds


Published: Feb 4, 2022 | Last Modified: Feb 9, 2022

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