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News Press Releases Don Bacon Reproductive Rights Wednesday, May 15 2024

Rep. Don Bacon Revives True Right-Wing Credentials to Secure Primary Victory

News Press Releases Larry Hogan Education Reproductive Rights Tuesday, May 14 2024

Hogan’s Victory Is A Loss For Marylanders, A Win for Mitch McConnell

News Press Releases Donald Trump Reproductive Rights Tuesday, May 14 2024

ICYMI: AB21’s Paid Media Blitz Makes Headlines

News Press Releases RFK Jr. Abortion Monday, May 13 2024

ICYMI: RFK Jr.’s Own Campaign Can’t Keep Track of His Abortion Position

Trump’s Apprentice-Style MAGA VP Search Off To Embarassing Start

Instead of holding a campaign rally this weekend, Trump used his free time from his chaotic criminal trial to summon…

BREAKING: Trump Calls for States to Monitor Pregnancies, Punish Violators, and More

This morning, Time Magazine published an exclusive sitdown interview with Donald Trump unearthing shocking revelations about the Republican nominee’s plans to further…

News Press Releases Donald Trump Wednesday, May 1 2024

Trump Hates Workers & Ruined the Economy

It’s May Day and Donald Trump is visiting the Midwest to rewrite his record on labor and the economy. However,…

ICYMI: Another RFK Jr. Hire EXPOSED as Jan. 6 Sympathizer

This morning, NBC News uncovered another RFK Jr. hire with insurrectionist sympathies and ties to hard-right Republicans like Vivek Ramaswamy, Blake Masters,…

News News Articles Donald Trump Wednesday, May 1 2024

Interview with a Dictator: Trump’s Authoritarian TIME Magazine Interview

If you can believe it, Trump’s disturbing comments endorsing extreme state legislatures banning abortions and jailing anyone who violates those bans was…

News News Articles Donald Trump Tuesday, Apr 30 2024

ICYMI: ‘Uhhhh’: Trump short-circuits as local TV anchor pushes back on dubious claim

The same day as a TIME Magazine interview was published where Trump refused to accept FBI crime data showing that…

News News Articles Donald Trump Tuesday, Apr 30 2024

Ms. Magazine: I Want to Have a Child. Trump’s Supreme Court Is Making Me Reconsider

“Trump’s Republican Party is fighting for a national ban on abortion—a ban that could punish you or me for miscarrying.…

News Press Releases Donald Trump Tuesday, Apr 30 2024

This F*cking Guy has the Worst Record of Job Loss of Any President

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a record 20.5 million people abruptly lost their jobs in April 2020 as businesses closed…

Ayotte Touts Extremist and Criminal Endorsers

Kelly Ayotte, Republican candidate for New Hampshire governor, has been publicly thanking a variety of former and current state elected…

Meet the GOP Candidates in Pennsylvania’s Most Competitive Congressional Districts

With Pennsylvania’s primary season coming to a close yesterday evening, the U.S. House map is set in the Commonwealth. Here’s…

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