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News Outsourcing Tuesday, Oct 4 2016

Trump-Pence: Broad-Shouldered Outsourcers

Pence wants to talk about "putting American workers in the back seat"? Here's his and Trump's abysmal record on outsourcing:…

News Outsourcing Monday, Sep 26 2016

Trump-Pence Loves Outsourcing

Donald Trump is once again talking a tough game about protecting U.S. jobs, but his and Mike Pence's records on…

News Taxes Thursday, Sep 15 2016

Are We Really On Trump's Fourth Tax Plan?

For a guy that really doesn't like policy or reading up on detailed policy papers, Donald Trump sure does have…

News Outsourcing Wednesday, Sep 14 2016

Trump And Pence Highlight Their Outsourcing Records With OH, PA Trips

Today, as Donald Trump and Mike Pence visit Ohio and Pennsylvania, respectively, promising to create jobs in the U.S., their…

News Outsourcing Wednesday, Sep 14 2016

Trump Invested In And Profited Off Of Ford, Other Outsourcing Companies

Donald Trump just unloaded another unhinged and hypocritical rant on outsourcing. While Trump has invested in and profited off of companies…

News Outsourcing Monday, Sep 5 2016

Trump-Pence: Make America Outsource Again!

It's fitting that Donald Trump and Mike Pence are making a half-hearted, last-minute visit to Ohio to "commemorate" Labor Day,…

News Taxes Wednesday, Aug 31 2016

Trump's Tax Plan And Mass-Deportation Would Add Trillions In Debt

Donald Trump says he cares about American lives, but his anti-immigrant policies would do nothing but hurt the economy. Trump…

News Outsourcing Tuesday, Aug 23 2016

Pence To Plug Anti-Working Families Ticket At Non-Union Manufacturer

It's fitting that Mike Pence is today campaigning at a non-union, Pipersville, PA, manufacturer, because Pence and Donald Trump have a decidedly…

News Jobs Tuesday, Aug 16 2016

"Best Business School in The World": Trump's Racism Would Cost 4M Jobs

If we're being honest, Donald Trump didn't even graduate at the top of his class at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton…

News Economy Tuesday, Aug 9 2016

Trump's Dangerous Stock Market Babble

A day after unveiling an economic plan with all the trademarks of a GOP give-away to the super-rich, Trump went…

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