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News Outsourcing Thursday, Dec 8 2016

Not For The First Time, Donald Trump Is Attacking Working People

"I fight the unions very hard." --Donald Trump, 2/17/16   Last night, Trump blamed Carrier workers for their jobs being…

News Outsourcing Thursday, Dec 1 2016

Trump Celebrates Deal To Outsource 1,300 Jobs

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler issued the following statement on Donald Trump celebrating his "deal" to give Carrier millions in…

News Taxes Friday, Nov 4 2016

Keep Doing Photo-Ops Kelly, NH Knows You Won't Fight For Working Families

Another day, another photo-op by Senator Kelly Ayotte. Once again, Senator Ayotte is making her rounds at fast food drive-thrus,…

News Outsourcing Friday, Nov 4 2016

Donald Trump Doesn't Respect Working Families

Yesterday, the National Labor Relations Board ordered Donald Trump to sit down with the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 workers at his…

News Jobs Outsourcing Wednesday, Nov 2 2016

NEW REPORT: Blunt Took Over $2.5 Million From Companies That Outsourced Missouri Jobs

Senator Roy Blunt has taken more than $2.5 million in campaign contributions from companies that outsourced Missouri jobs. Blunt regularly calls himself…

News Economy Wednesday, Nov 2 2016

Toomey's Bank Wouldn't Lend To Low-Income PA Families — But Toomey's Plane Company Got A Loan

Pat Toomey's bank wouldn't loan money to low- and moderate-income Pennsylvania families -- but it was happy to give Toomey…

News Economy Taxes Wednesday, Oct 19 2016

Trump Is A Con Artist Who Would Destroy The Economy To Help Himself

Donald Trump really tries to talk a good game on trade and the economy, but his history of outsourcing his…

News Economy Taxes Sunday, Oct 9 2016

Trump Is A Con Artist Who Would Destroy The Economy To Help Himself

Donald Trump's non-apology for cheering on the housing crisis because he saw an opportunity to profit while working families lost…

News Outsourcing Tuesday, Oct 4 2016

Trump-Pence: Broad-Shouldered Outsourcers

Pence wants to talk about "putting American workers in the back seat"? Here's his and Trump's abysmal record on outsourcing:…

News Outsourcing Monday, Sep 26 2016

Trump-Pence Loves Outsourcing

Donald Trump is once again talking a tough game about protecting U.S. jobs, but his and Mike Pence's records on…

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