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News Outsourcing Friday, Nov 4 2016

Donald Trump Doesn't Respect Working Families

Nov 04, 2016

Yesterday, the National Labor Relations Board ordered Donald Trump to sit down with the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 workers at his Las Vegas hotel. His employees voted to join the Culinary Union in December of 2015, but Trump has since stalled nearly a year, refusing to recognize the workers’ rights and bargain with them.

Even worse, Trump intimidated his workers as they sought to unionize, threatening their jobs.

That contempt is representative of Donald Trump’s career of stiffing small business owners and disrespecting working families. “I fight the unions very hard,” Donald Trump brags. And on that, if nothing else, the Republican nominee practices what he preaches.

Trump says he and Mike Pence will bring back jobs, but when you get past the empty rhetoric, Trump-Pence’s anti-working families record and agenda speaks for itself:

Outsourcing and Boosting Outsourcing Companies

Anti-Minimum Wage

  • Trump: Trump has said “our wages are too high” and, even worse, he’s called for an end to the federal minimum wage.
  • Pence: When he was in Congress, then-Rep. Pence in 2007 fought to keep the federal minimum wage at $5.15, arguing, “[a]n excessive increase in the minimum wage will hurt the working poor.” In line with his view that working families didn’t deserve a pay raise, as governor of Indiana, Pence in 2013 signed a law “prohibit[ing] local governments from requiring businesses [to] pay a higher minimum wage…if it’s not mandated by state or federal law.”
Support Right to Work for Less Laws

Oppose Equal Pay
Disproportionate Tax Cuts for the Wealth Few

Published: Nov 4, 2016

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