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AB Leadership Jobs Friday, Mar 4 2022

AB21 Co-Chair Secretary Tom Perez Discusses February Jobs Report, ARP, & Infrastructure Bill

“This recovery, because of the American Rescue Plan and because of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill has enabled people to get…

Joe Biden Economy Jobs Friday, Mar 4 2022

President Biden Creates 678,000 Jobs In February

The February jobs report shows we are on our way to a historic recovery. With COVID-19 cases plummeting and restrictions…

NRSC Chair Rick Scott Recommits Senate GOP To Tax Hike

Rick Scott on Tuesday recommitted Senate Republicans to his plan that hikes taxes for half of Americans and sunsets Social Security and Medicare

Senator Ron Jonson participates in a Senate hearing.

Report: Ron Johnson Secured $200-Million Tax Break for Biggest Billionaire Backers

A new report from ProPublica documents Ron Johnson’s ferocious advocacy to secure large tax breaks in the 2017 GOP tax for his biggest…

Joe Biden Economy Monday, Jun 7 2021

Our New Virginia Ad

‘Relief’ Highlights Impact of American Rescue Plan on VA Small Businesses American Bridge 21st Century released a new ad highlighting…

Since Dan Forest Didn’t Want To Answer WRAL’s Voter Guide Questions, We Answered On His Behalf

In case you missed it, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest refused to answer questions for WRAL's voters guide, so we answered…

Greg Gianforte Economy Wednesday, Aug 12 2020

LISTEN: Greg Gianforte Lies (Again) About Past Support for a State Sales Tax

Listen to the audio here Congressman Greg Gianforte lied (again) about his previous support for a state sales tax while…

News Donald Trump Economy Thursday, Jul 30 2020

Donald Trump’s Illegal “Delay the Election” Trial Balloon

Today, Donald Trump floated the illegal idea of “delaying the election” in order to distract from the historic plunge the United States economy took in the second quarter and to discredit perfectly safe and legal vote-by-mail efforts.

Donald Trump Economy Jobs Tuesday, Mar 10 2020

ICYMI: Trump promised to bring back manufacturing in Pennsylvania. He didn’t. Will it cost him?

"The numbers don't lie. Donald Trump made big promises to workers and manufacturers, but he’s completely failed to deliver results," said…

Donald Trump Economy Monday, Mar 2 2020

OUTSOURCED: Trump’s Continues “Promises Made, Promises Broken” Tour in Tar Heel State

Trump Failed to Protect North Carolina Families from Outsourcing Tonight, Donald Trump stumps in North Carolina continuing his “Promises Made,…

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