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News Economy Taxes Trade Monday, Aug 8 2016

Trump's Tax Plan Is Extremely Dangerous

Trump’s tax plan “would make the national debt skyrocket by $10 trillion or more.” Moody’s Analytics found that Trump’s tax reform proposal…

News Jobs Monday, Aug 8 2016

Trump's Record Of Opposing American Jobs And Auto Rescue

Today in Michigan Donald Trump promised to bring back jobs to America. One look at Trump's record, though, and the GOP…

News Outsourcing Wednesday, Aug 3 2016

ICYMI: While Trump Is In Florida He's Seeking More Foreign Guest Workers For His Companies

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler issued the following statement on Trump's promises to bring jobs back to America: "Throughout his…

News Outsourcing Wednesday, Aug 3 2016

Trump Ties Himself In Knots On Outsourcing Hypocrisy

"I'm going to bring back jobs." -Donald Trump, 6/5/2016 Donald Trump, who constantly rails on outsourcing companies -- including companies that…

News Outsourcing Thursday, Jul 21 2016

Trump Is Still The Outsourcer In Chief

Tonight, Donald Trump is using his usual hypocritical arguments on American economics: a "trade war" would be good for Americans and he…

News Economy Thursday, Jul 21 2016

Trump's Economic Agenda Is Good For Trump — But It'd Wreck The Economy

Donald Trump's economic agenda is great for him. Top income-earning households would get the "largest cuts" under Trump's tax plan…

News Economy Tuesday, Jul 19 2016

Make America Work Again? Trump Vineyard Imports Foreign Labor

Donald Trump has Trump Winery GM Kerry Woolard on stage tonight as part of his "Make America Work Again" programming.…

News Taxes Tuesday, Jul 12 2016

Ryan And Trump Agree On Taxes: Massive Cuts For The Wealthy

Paul Ryan is finding a lot to like in Donald Trump's plan to give millionaires and billionaires massive tax breaks,…

News Outsourcing Thursday, Jun 30 2016

Trump's Own Clothing Line And Products Are Outsourced

Donald Trump said he wants Americans to have more pride in buying products that are "made in the USA," yet…

News Trade Thursday, Jun 30 2016

WATCH: Trump's Trade Hypocrisy

Donald Trump says there shouldn't be a federal minimum wage, but tries to portray himself as a champion of working families. Trump's…

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