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Kelly Ayotte

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News Kelly Ayotte Monday, Jul 24 2023

Welcome to the Race: Failed New Hampshire Senate Candidate Kelly Ayotte Announces for Governor

  “Well, I certainly think that Roe should be overturned…” Kelly Ayotte, who lost her re-election senate campaign in 2016 in part due to her anti-abortion record and embracing the Trump MAGA agenda, is trying to breathe life into her forgotten political career by running for governor. In response, American Bridge spokesperson Philip Shulman released the following statement: “Granite Staters rejected Kelly Ayotte in 2016 because of…

News Kelly Ayotte Health Care Friday, Oct 14 2016

American Bridge Statement on Kelly Ayotte's Disastrous Debate

Statement from Jessica Mackler, president, American Bridge, on Senator Kelly Ayotte’s disastrous debate this morning: “Kelly Ayotte continues to prove…

News Kelly Ayotte Saturday, Oct 8 2016

Too Little, Too Late, Kelly Ayotte.

Senator Kelly Ayotte's decision on Donald Trump is way too little, way too late. Ayotte didn't shy away from supporting…

News Kelly Ayotte Wednesday, Oct 5 2016

Senator Kelly Ayotte Supports Lying, Hateful Presidential Ticket

Last night’s debate made it abundantly clear that there is no explanation for Donald Trump’s campaign of racism, and the…

News Kelly Ayotte Tuesday, Oct 4 2016

Watch: Kelly "Absolutely" Ayotte Confirms She’s Voting For Trump AGAIN

Last night, Senator Kelly Ayotte said that Donald Trump was "absolutely" a role model for children. Now, after reading the disastrous headlines, she's…

News Kelly Ayotte Tuesday, Oct 4 2016

Kelly Ayotte Becomes The GOP’s Worst Nightmare With One Word: "Absolutely"

Last night, Senator Kelly Ayotte became, not only the GOP's, but her own worst nightmare when she said that Donald Trump…

News Kelly Ayotte Monday, Oct 3 2016

Sen. Kelly Ayotte: Trump "absolutely" a role model

Senator Kelly Ayotte can't stop bear-hugging Donald Trump. Just today, Donald Trump said veterans suffering from PTSD aren't "strong," but Senator…

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