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Two Years Ago They Were Popping Champagne Over the Dobbs Decision — Now They’re Trying to Explain Their Records to Voters

Just under two years ago, House Republicans were popping champagne at the Dobbs decision, which struck down Roe v. Wade, and the loss of reproductive freedom across America. Now, those same candidates are facing the stark reality that their extreme anti-choice agenda is giving voters even more reason to vote against them. See what Republicans in some of the most competitive districts said about Roe…

Friday, Feb 2 2024

Rise and Shine Ohio! American Bridge 21st Century Celebrates Groundhog Day With New Video of GOP Senate Loser Bernie Moreno

Okay, campers, rise and shine! It’s Groundhog Day and in honor of the GOP Senate field giving us a hearty helping…

Monday, Aug 28 2023

ICYMI: Frank LaRose Pushed to “Twist Ballot Language For Pro-Choice Provision In Likely Attempt To Confuse Voters”

In case you missed it, HuffPost reported that late last week the Ohio Ballot Board led by Ohio Secretary of State and U.S.…

Wednesday, Aug 9 2023

He Made Himself Face of Issue 1, Now Frank LaRose is Paying the Political Cost

Ohio Secretary of State and candidate for U.S. Senate Frank LaRose put it all on the line for Issue 1,…

Tuesday, Aug 8 2023

American Bridge’s Statement on the Results of Ohio’s Issue 1 Election

Tonight, Ohioans overwhelmingly rejected the GOP’s attempt to circumvent the will of the people in the Buckeye State. Issue 1…

Monday, Jul 17 2023

The Ohio GOP Senate Primary Keeps Getting Messier as Frank LaRose Announces Senate Bid

Just as expected, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose announced his bid for the Ohio GOP Senate nomination, setting the…

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