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News Press Releases Kelly Ayotte Campaign Finance Monday, Apr 29 2024

Ayotte Touts Extremist and Criminal Endorsers

Apr 29, 2024

Kelly Ayotte, Republican candidate for New Hampshire governor, has been publicly thanking a variety of former and current state elected officials for their support of her candidacy — including those with violent and extreme records.

Ayotte has touted endorsements from:

  • Jon Stone, the former police officer who was fired for threatening to “kill fellow police officers in a shooting spree, and murder his chief after raping the chief’s wife and children, all while he was already under scrutiny for his inappropriate relationship with a teen girl.” He reportedly told a colleague that he was “going to go to the Chief’s house and rape the Chief’s wife, and kids, and shoot the Chief.
  • Ken Weyler, who sent a 52-page “vaccine death report” with conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 vaccine, that stated, “unknown, octopus-like creatures are being injected into millions of children worldwide” through the vaccine, that the vaccine is using “5G to steal our very own thoughts and feelings,” and that COVID is a Vatican plot.
  • Lisa Mazur, who testified at a school board meeting in regards to Exeter High School, which is not in the school district where she lives, putting Sharpie marker on unvaccinated students’ hands during senior prom. She compared this to the branding of Jewish people during the Holocaust.
  • Harry Bean, who reposted a photo depicting Hillary Clinton and her former top aide standing next to hangman’s nooses on his personal Facebook page.

Ayotte was also endorsed by the hate group New England White Network and refused to comment on reports for over a week.

Published: Apr 29, 2024

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