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Mitch McConnell Rick Scott Ron Johnson Taxes Tuesday, Mar 1 2022

NRSC Chair Rick Scott Recommits Senate GOP To Tax Hike

Mar 01, 2022

Hours after Mitch McConnell slammed the NRSC Chair’s plan that hikes taxes for more than half of Americans and “sunsets Social Security and Medicare within five years,” Scott recommitted to his proposal
NRSC Chair Rick Scott just recommitted Senate Republicans to his plan that would hike taxes for seniors and more than half of Americans, and which “sunsets Social Security and Medicare within five years,” according to GOP Leader Mitch McConnell. 

According to NBC News’s Leigh Ann Caldwell, Scott plugged his plan as a good way for “people […] to know what we’re going to do when we get a majority” in the Senate —  something that every single 2022 Republican candidate will have to answer for during the next 8 months.

Published: Mar 1, 2022

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