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News Wednesday, Jun 22 2016

Trump's Mob Ties

Donald Trump loves to talk up his business record, but he for some reason neglects to mention that his history of real estate…

News Foreign Policy Wednesday, Jun 22 2016

Trump's Gaddafi Gambit

In 2009, Donald Trump decided it was a good idea to rent land at his New York estate to Libyan…

News Foreign Policy Wednesday, Jun 22 2016

Trump's Business Related Conflicts Of Interest And Shady Saudi Companies

Running a presidential campaign hasn't stopped Donald Trump's eagerness to profit at the expense of others -- and that means…

News Foreign Policy Wednesday, Jun 22 2016

Did Trump Partner Up With The Son Of An Iranian General's "Silent Partner"?

In Baku, Azerbaijan, Trump tried to partner up with Anar Mammadov, whose father is an Azerbaijani government minister "suspected by…

News Wednesday, Jun 22 2016

Trump Organization "Routinely Erased Emails"

In a 2006 lawsuit, Donald Trump was accused of deleting key email evidence and "destroy[ing] old computers," which the defendants…

News Wednesday, Jun 22 2016

MEMO: Trump's Criminal Associations And Transnational Conflicts Of Interest

It's no secret that Donald Trump's senior advisor and campaign chair, Paul Manafort, has ties to "dictators, guerilla groups, and…

News Wednesday, Feb 17 2016

Rubio And Gov. Haley Find Common Ground Over Shady Ethics Histories

Marco Rubio has a shady ethics history that stretches back to his time in the Florida House of Representatives. Appropriately,…

News Tuesday, Aug 11 2015

RoJo's Senate Ethics No-No

Vulnerable Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is -- as usual -- in hot water. This time, he's under serious scrutiny after a potential…

News Taxes Tuesday, Jun 30 2015

Jeb's searchable tax returns

In his enduring commitment to "transparency," Jeb Bush made sure that the incomplete tax returns he posted to his website were unsearchable and difficult to download. So we fixed it for you. Click here to access American Bridge's full text searchable and downloadable copy of Jeb's incomplete tax returns. The initial reviews show Jeb's hollow promises on transparency: Tampa Bay Times: "Bush's transparency has limits. He would not commit to releasing more details about some of his consulting clients or several limited liability corporations he had created but has since resigned from."

News Economy Education Health Care Tuesday, Jun 30 2015

MEMO/VIDEO: Bully Seeking Pulpit

Chris Christie enters the race as a brazen, outspoken bully hoping to use the 2016 pulpit to pull his GOP opponents like Jeb Bush further to the extreme right. With nine credit downgrades and a 30 percent approval rating under his belt, Christie has made the calculation that his charming personality alone won’t do the trick in the wake of Bridgegate. American Bridge is also releasing a new video that shows Christie is now aligning himself with the extreme wing of his party in an attempt to gain traction.

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