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Tuesday, Sep 20 2016

Trump Uses Foundation For Corporate Settlements, Brags About Using "Other People's Money"

This morning we learned that Donald Trump has used his charitable foundation -- funded by donors other than himself -- to settle legal problems for his for-profit company. Previously, it was revealed that Trump has also used his foundation to illegally pay out donations to politicians," and this latest revelation looks a whole lot like illegal "self-dealing." Jump forward a few hours and Trump was back to bragging about…

Tuesday, Sep 13 2016

Ron Johnson's Shady Campaign Finance History Under Scrutiny, Again

For months, Ron Johnson has faced questions about his shady 2010 campaign finance scheme where, after self-funding his campaign to…

Tuesday, Sep 13 2016

Mike Pence doesn't think KKK Grand Wizard is "deplorable?"

Mike Pence on CNN just refused to call the former grand wizard of the KKK, David Duke, "deplorable." Donald Trump…

Monday, Sep 12 2016

What Hasn't Trump Apologized For?

For someone so insistent on demanding apologies, Donald Trump, at least by our count, hasn't apologized for anything. Here are…

Friday, Sep 9 2016

Trump Pushing More Kremlin Talking Points On DNC Hack?

Three months after Donald Trump openly asked Russia to conduct cyberespionage on a political opponent and meddle in the U.S. election, Trump's…

Wednesday, Sep 7 2016

Watch Trump Brag About Bribing Politicians Again And Again… And Again

Donald Trump has a record of bribing politicians to get what he wants -- he's even said so himself. Trump has…

Friday, Aug 26 2016

Trump's Staff Of The "Best People" Now Include Bridgegate Plotter

Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that he only hires the very best people. Apparently he considers Chris Christie's disgraced former campaign manager and deputy…

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