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This F*cking Guy Hates NATO

Today marks the 75th anniversary of 12 nations from Europe and North America signing the Washington Treaty and the creation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Since the end of World War II, the alliance has fostered peace and security through the strength of cooperation and collective defense. Despite its success, Donald Trump hates NATO and publicly shared his disdain for the organization as…

News Foreign Policy Wednesday, Nov 2 2016

WATCH: Trump/Putin 2016: From Russia With Love

"Will [Putin] become my new best friend?" -- Donald Trump Not exactly. It's worse than that. Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has had…

News Foreign Policy Tuesday, Nov 1 2016

Trump: «Я не русский шпион»

or... "I am not a Russian spy." Was Donald Trump in long-term direct communication with a Russian bank using a secret server?…

News Foreign Policy Monday, Oct 31 2016

Trump's Dangerous Nuclear "Unpredictability"

“To me nuclear is just, the power, the devastation is very important to me.”  --Donald Trump, 12/15/15 Donald Trump’s campaign…

News Foreign Policy Wednesday, Sep 28 2016

Reminder: Trump's NATO Policy Puts Poland, U.S. Allies At Risk

Today, Donald Trump spoke at the Polish American Congress in Chicago. During the event, Trump praised Brexit -- which is highly unpopular…

News Foreign Policy Wednesday, Sep 28 2016

Congrats Senator Rubio!

You're finally making it to a hearing on North Korea! The last one, in January 2016, was a little close…

News Climate Change Foreign Policy Tuesday, Sep 27 2016

Confessed con artist, foreign policy amateur, all-around ignoramus

When Trump wasn't being racist or sexist at last night's debate, he found time to betray his foreign policy ignorance,…

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