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Foreign Policy

News Foreign Policy Monday, Oct 31 2016

Trump's Dangerous Nuclear "Unpredictability"

“To me nuclear is just, the power, the devastation is very important to me.”  --Donald Trump, 12/15/15 Donald Trump’s campaign…

News Foreign Policy Wednesday, Sep 28 2016

Reminder: Trump's NATO Policy Puts Poland, U.S. Allies At Risk

Today, Donald Trump spoke at the Polish American Congress in Chicago. During the event, Trump praised Brexit -- which is highly unpopular…

News Foreign Policy Wednesday, Sep 28 2016

Congrats Senator Rubio!

You're finally making it to a hearing on North Korea! The last one, in January 2016, was a little close…

News Climate Change Foreign Policy Tuesday, Sep 27 2016

Confessed con artist, foreign policy amateur, all-around ignoramus

When Trump wasn't being racist or sexist at last night's debate, he found time to betray his foreign policy ignorance,…

News Foreign Policy Friday, Sep 9 2016

Trump's Terrifying Approach To North Korea

Last night, news broke that North Korea has likely conducted a successful nuclear test -- this would be the fifth test by…

News Foreign Policy Friday, Sep 9 2016

Trump Pushing More Kremlin Talking Points On DNC Hack?

Three months after Donald Trump openly asked Russia to conduct cyberespionage on a political opponent and meddle in the U.S. election, Trump's…

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