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News Foreign Policy Wednesday, Jun 22 2016

Trump's Business Related Conflicts Of Interest And Shady Saudi Companies

Jun 22, 2016

Running a presidential campaign hasn’t stopped Donald Trump’s eagerness to profit at the expense of others — and that means more entangling business deals that create conflict of interest problems, some of which, given Trump’s lack of transparency, we may not even know about.

Since last June alone, Trump’s “formed at least 46 companies that he controls,” according to BuzzFeed News reports. In Saudi Arabia, alone, which Trump’s been highly critical of on the campaign trail, Trump’s formed at least 8 companies. Peculiarly, of those 8, “four were dissolved within months” — and there’s “been no public disclosure about the purpose” of any of the entities.

46 assorted shell companies in the last year. And Trump’s been in business for upwards of 50 years. That means a lot of potential conflicts of interest — and likely — and a lot of unanswered questions. Particularly given Trump’s essentially unprecedented lack of transparency in his staunch refusal to release his tax returns.

Published: Jun 22, 2016

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