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Tuesday, Jun 30 2015

Jeb's searchable tax returns

Jun 30, 2015

In his enduring commitment to “transparency,” Jeb Bush made sure that the incomplete tax returns he posted to his website were unsearchable and difficult to download. So we fixed it for you.

Click here to access American Bridge’s full text searchable and downloadable copy of Jeb’s incomplete tax returns.

The initial reviews show Jeb’s hollow promises on transparency:

Tampa Bay Times: “Bush’s transparency has limits. He would not commit to releasing more details about some of his consulting clients or several limited liability corporations he had created but has since resigned from.”

Washington Post: “Despite the unprecedented release, Bush’s tax returns may not provide a full accounting of his finances. In the past, he has declined to release tax forms from his various businesses under pressure from political opponents. He has also reportedly been involved in several limited liability companies of unknown purpose. Failure to release information on those entities might prohibit a fuller understanding of his finances.”

Bloomberg: “Bush and his campaign wouldn’t release a complete list of consulting clients.”

Wall Street Journal: “It is hard to learn the specifics of Mr. Bush’s income from his return, though he told reporters that the bulk of his income in recent years came from two sources: speeches and consulting.”

Published: Jun 30, 2015

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