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Glenn Youngkin Tuesday, Aug 3 2021

Will Youngkin Commit to Accepting Results of VA Gov Election?

As Virginians learned yesterday, Glenn Youngkin’s commitment to Donald Trump’s Big Lie about the 2020 election extends as far as refusing…

Glenn Youngkin Thursday, Jul 22 2021

Glenn Youngkin’s Hidden Issues Page Finally Found

Despite the conspicuous lack of an issues page on Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin’s website, a new report from the American Independent reveals…

Glenn Youngkin Wednesday, Jul 14 2021

“Chameleon” Youngkin Can No Longer Hide His Out-of-Touch Beliefs

As the Virginia Mercury writes, “a clearer picture is emerging” of Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin. Spoiler alert: it’s…

Glenn Youngkin Monday, Jul 12 2021

Washington Post: “Silence is strategy for Mr. Youngkin”

Last week, in a bombshell video, Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin freely admitted his plans to ban abortion and…

Glenn Youngkin Thursday, Jul 8 2021

VA Coverage: Youngkin Exposed on Camera

After yesterday’s bombshell report from The American Independent, news outlets throughout Virginia and the nation are reporting on GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn…

Glenn Youngkin Abortion Thursday, Jul 8 2021

Glenn Youngkin: EXPOSED on Real Abortion Views

Behind Closed Doors, Youngkin Tells Donors He Won’t “Go Squishy” on Banning Abortion, Defunding Planned Parenthood “As a campaign topic,…

AB Leadership Cecile Richards Thursday, Jul 8 2021

American Bridge 21st Century Announces Two New Virginia Ads

‘Right Track’ and ‘Hope’ Highlight Impact of American Rescue Plan on VA Small Businesses Today, American Bridge 21st Century released…

Glenn Youngkin Thursday, Jul 1 2021

AP: GOP candidate’s private equity resume draws scrutiny in Va

“They have no conscience.” A new report from the Associated Press details Virginia GOP gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin’s record of…

Donald Trump Glenn Youngkin Thursday, Jun 24 2021

Youngkin “Honored” to Have Support of Florida Man Under Criminal Investigation in New York

When he is not attacking the American Rescue Plan, Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin likes to remind voters that he is running to…

Joe Biden Saturday, Jun 19 2021

American Bridge 21st Century Co-Chairs on Success of the American Rescue Plan

Co-chairs Gov. Deval Patrick, Tom Perez, Cecile Richards, Gov. Steve Bullock and President Jessica Floyd Mark 100 Days Since American…

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