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Thursday, Aug 19 2021

Glenn Youngkin Funding Anti-Vaxxer GOP Candidates

Aug 19, 2021

Today, a revealing report from the American Independent details the thousands of dollars Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin has spent funding down ballot anti-vaxxer Republicans. So far, Youngkin’s Virginia Wins PAC has distributed $150,000 to elect GOP state legislative candidates — including those who “cast doubt on the Covid-19 vaccine and vaccine mandates.”

“Glenn Youngkin has a two-point plan when it comes to his COVID response: follow Ron DeSantis’ disastrous lead and elect more anti-vaxxer Republicans to office,” said American Bridge 21st Century spokesperson Aidan Johnson. “This failed approach will only prolong the pandemic and cost lives. The last thing Virginia needs is another Trump disciple whose lies put our children at risk.”

American Independent: Virginia GOP governor nominee helped fund anti-vaccine candidates

By: Emily Singer | August 19, 2021

Key Points:

  • “Virginia’s Republican nominee for governor has donated $16,500 to GOP state lawmakers and candidates for the Virginia Legislature who have spread anti-vaccine messaging or fought against vaccine requirements intended to slow the spread of the coronavirus, according to campaign finance records.”
  • “The funds came from Youngkin’s Virginia Wins PAC, which he launched in March with the goal of ‘electing Republicans up and down the ballot across Virginia in 2021 and future elections.’ Youngkin put $400,000 into the PAC, which to date has distributed nearly $150,000 to electing state legislative candidates, according to data from the Virginia Public Access Project, which tracks money in state politics.”
  • “$16,500 went to six GOP state lawmakers or candidates running for the Legislature who have either lied about the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines, or joined in on the growing chorus of Republicans who are against vaccination mandates.”
  • Among the candidates who have received money from Youngkin’s PAC is Tim Anderson, the GOP nominee for the House of Delegates district in Virginia Beach. According to the financial disclosures, Virginia Wins gave $1,500 to “Friends of Tim Anderson.”
  • “In a Facebook video back in May, Anderson used a literal flamethrower to burn what he described as ‘Democrats radical agenda,’ which he said includes ‘vaccine passports’ and ‘mandatory vaccination for kids in schools.’ While he’s vaccinated himself, Anderson has said getting the COVID-19 vaccine was a ‘personal decision,’ and said he’d fight any vaccination requirements in court.”
  • “Youngkin himself has made controversial statements about the pandemic. He has praised the leadership of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is trying to penalize local school officials who impose mask requirements, as well as businesses that require customers to be vaccinated. Florida is currently experiencing the worst COVID-19 outbreak in the country, according to data from the New York Times.”

Read the full report here.


Published: Aug 19, 2021

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