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Press Releases Abortion Wednesday, Jan 11 2023

SD7: Kevin Adams’ Anti-Abortion Rights Agenda Central to His Loss in VA Senate Race

Last night, Republican Kevin Adams, the Glenn Youngkin-endorsed Republican nominee in Virginia’s 7th Senate District, lost 2023’s first big special election, flipping the seat from red to blue. Because Youngkin previously announced that he would be pushing for an extreme abortion ban in the state — despite the fact that a majority of Virginians do not support restrictions on access to reproductive health care — abortion rights were a critical touchstone…

Glenn Youngkin Tuesday, Oct 19 2021

Youngkin’s Plan To Ban Abortion “Is Something That Voters Across The Country Should Be Scared About”

Today, a new report from the Associated Press details how Texas’ Abortion Ban is impacting the Virginia gubernatorial race, where Republican candidate Glenn…

Donald Trump Glenn Youngkin Friday, Oct 8 2021

Coverage Roundup: Glenn Youngkin Continues To Fuel Trump’s Big Lie

Today caps off another bad week for Republican Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin, who once again was caught spreading Donald Trump’s…

Glenn Youngkin Winsome Sears Thursday, Oct 7 2021

Youngkin’s Running Mate Winsome Sears Won’t Say If She’s Vaccinated

According to a new report from CNN, in the Virginia lieutenant governor’s race, Glenn Youngkin’s running mate Winsome Sears refused to say whether…

Glenn Youngkin Tuesday, Oct 5 2021

Glenn Youngkin Can’t Shake Off History of Failed Leadership

Today, a report from The Verge details new ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google highlighting Republican Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin’s role, “in…

Glenn Youngkin Wednesday, Sep 29 2021

Glenn Youngkin Doubles Down on Extreme Right-wing Agenda

At last night's final Virginia governor’s debate, Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin explained to voters his plan to enact a far-right Trumpian…

Glenn Youngkin Tuesday, Sep 28 2021

Youngkin Reassures Supporters He Can End Vaccine Requirement As Governor

Hours before the Virginia governor’s debate, a new report from the American Independent details a hidden recording of Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin…

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