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Glenn Youngkin Friday, Aug 13 2021

“His Campaign Is Doing Nothing”: A Lost Glenn Youngkin Flounders

Aug 13, 2021

It’s the end of another long week for Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin who continues to rack up bad headline after bad headline as time runs out to turn around his rudderless campaign. Even prominent conservatives are openly trashing his “inexcusable” lack of a message.

When he wasn’t spreading Donald Trump’s big lie at an “election integrity” rally over the weekend, he was promising Virginians he would strip funding from public schools as Governor. Then came the reporting that Youngkin is planning to model his COVID-19 response after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantiswhose state boasts record high cases and is currently the epicenter of the pandemic.

Someone will need to get Glenn Youngkin another beer after reading these headlines:

The Washington Post: Glenn Youngkin is playing footsie with the ‘big lie.’ It undermines democracy.

The Richmond Times Dispatch: Youngkin speaks at ‘election integrity’ rally at Liberty University

The American Independent: Youngkin admits his new corporate school scheme would take money from public schools

The Associated Press: As COVID-19 surges in red states, Republicans take to mask wars

Elections Daily: Glenn Youngkin’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad July

The American Independent: Youngkin repeatedly praised Florida’s COVID response as cases surged

The Washington PostCandidates for Virginia governor take opposite positions on mask and vaccine mandates

The Hill: ​​McAuliffe ad hits Youngkin on COVID-19 approach: ‘Don’t Florida our Virginia’


Published: Aug 13, 2021

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