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Glenn Youngkin Thursday, Jul 22 2021

Glenn Youngkin’s Hidden Issues Page Finally Found

Jul 22, 2021

Despite the conspicuous lack of an issues page on Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin’s website, a new report from the American Independent reveals that the secretive candidate has been hiding one all along

According to the American Independent, the hidden issues page — which isn’t linked to anywhere on the site — lists Youngkin’s “plans” for fighting COVID-19, helping small businesses, creating jobs, and improving education. The only problem is none of the links work because Youngkin has no plans for fighting COVID-19, helping small businesses, creating jobs, or improving education. 

This latest revelation follows a pattern from Glenn Youngkin — who was recently caught on video admitting to top donors behind closed doors that he couldn’t be honest about his intentions to defund Planned Parenthood and ban abortion if elected Governor for fear of alienating Virginia voters

Youngkin is running on Donald Trump’s far right agenda while hoping Virginia voters don’t find out. It begs the question: what else is he hiding?

NOTE: Since the publication of the piece, the Youngkin campaign has removed its hidden issues page. American Bridge 21st Century archived it before they could delete it. 

American Independent: Turns out the Virginia GOP governor nominee does have an issues page. Sort of.

By: Emily Singer | July 22, 2021

Key Points:

  • “The Republican nominee for governor in Virginia has faced a torrent of criticism for not having an issue page on his website laying out what he would do if he were elected as the chief executive of the Commonwealth.”
  • “But as it turns out, Youngkin does have an issues page on his campaign site — it just includes no actual substance of what he’d do to tackle the problems he laid out.”
  • “Sleuthing from American Bridge 21st Century found there is a “policies” tab on Youngkin’s site.”
  • “Youngkin has been trying to walk a fine line of trying to keep the right-wing GOP base on his side, but at the same time attracting enough independent and Democratic voters needed to win in Virginia — which has rapidly cemented itself as a Blue State.”
  • “For example, Youngkin was caught on video admitting that he is not talking about his true stance on abortion in order to not repel the independent voters he needs to win.”

Read the full report here.

Published: Jul 22, 2021

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