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News Matt Rosendale Wednesday, Jun 6 2018

SHOT/CHASER: Matt Rosendale Keeps Lying, Tries To Sound Like A Rancher (Again)

In his victory speech after barely scraping through his party's primary, Matt Rosendale debuted some brand new awkward rancher metaphors in…

News Matt Rosendale Wednesday, Jun 6 2018

NEW AD: Matt Rosendale Is Damaged Goods Following Deeply Divisive Montana Senate Primary

Russell Fagg: Rosendale “running for five offices in eight years just looks like he came to Montana to start his political career” Today, immediately…

News Matt Rosendale Monday, Jun 4 2018

Senate Brief: Montana Republicans Pick From Self-Destructing Candidates Tomorrow

Week of Monday, June 4, 2018 IN BRIEF: Montana Republicans head to the polls tomorrow to choose between three abysmal candidates who have…

News Matt Rosendale Thursday, May 31 2018

QUICK CLIP: Fake Ranchin’ Rosendale Waxes Poetic About Sugar Beets to FOX News

“After months of overuse on the campaign trail, Matt Rosendale’s ranching anecdotes are sounding a little tired,” said American Bridge spokesperson…

News Matt Rosendale Tuesday, May 29 2018

American Bridge Video: Seven Times Matt Rosendale Lied About Being A Rancher

Today, following reporting by TPM that wealthy Maryland real estate developer Matt Rosendale has been misleading Montanans about being a cattle rancher,…

News Matt Rosendale Rick Scott Monday, Apr 30 2018

Senate Brief: GOP Primary Candidates Are Taking Off The Gloves Ahead of May’s Primaries

Week of Monday, April 30 IN BRIEF:  As the first GOP Senate primaries and conventions approach, Republican candidates are taking…

News Matt Rosendale Tuesday, Apr 17 2018

SENATE BRIEF: Republicans’ Weak Candidates (Yet Again) Underperform – GOP’s Blankenship Problem – Abysmal GOP Fundraising – Rick Scott Under Fire

Week of Monday, April 16 IN BRIEF: Their historically weak field of Senate candidates is costing Republicans cold hard cash…

News Matt Rosendale Rick Scott Health Care Tuesday, Jul 18 2017

Republican Senate Hopefuls Will Still Have to Answer for Trumpcare

“Whether it’s Trumpcare or repealing the ACA without a replacement, GOP Senators and Senate hopefuls are stuck with their cruel…

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