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News Matt Rosendale Wednesday, Jun 13 2018

QUICK CLIP: Matt Rosendale Steps In It Again

Jun 13, 2018

Matt Rosendale really can’t keep his facts straight. He already got caught posing as a rancher. Then he lied about his first debate with Sen. Jon Tester. Now, after he bailed on the same debate, he’s been caught lying again — this time about his excuse that he’d never planned to attend the debate in the first place.

Montana’s KECI reports:

     Reporter: “Just last week, Rosendale told us he’d make the Broadcasters debate.” 

     Rosendale: “You’ll see me in Whitefish.”

     Reporter: “Now, just days later, Rosendale’s campaign sticks with the decision to not participate Sunday. In the statement Rosendale says he’s spending Father’s Day with his wife and sons.”

Watch KECI call out Rosendale’s flip-flop here:

Watch the full report here.

Published: Jun 13, 2018 | Last Modified: Feb 1, 2024

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