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Thursday, Jun 14 2018

VIDEO: Maryland Developer Matt Rosendale Runs Away From Questions About His Rancher Lies

Jun 14, 2018

Maryland developer Matt Rosendale fled Montana to escape reports of his fake ranching — and ran straight into the arms of Washington’s wealthy political elite. We caught up with him at his DC fundraiser to ask a few questions about his record of lies. Spoiler alert — he didn’t answer a single one.

Here are some of the questions Matt Rosendale refused to answer as he was headed to his Washington fundraiser:

  • How many cattle do you own?
  • Have you ever owned cattle in your life?
  • Your horses, do they work or do you just show them?
  • Are you a rancher, or do you just own land?

Unfortunately for Rosendale, the door to his fundraiser was locked, so he had extra time to answer questions about his life as a fake rancher. Instead, he ran away.

Watch Maryland Developer Matt Rosendale run away from questions about his lies about being a Montana rancher:

Published: Jun 14, 2018 | Last Modified: Feb 1, 2024

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