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Donald Trump Thursday, Mar 19 2020

New York Times: Before Virus Outbreak, a Cascade of Warnings Went Unheeded

Donald Trump continues to gaslight our country about what he knew and when knew it, but we know the truth:…

Donald Trump Richard Burr Susan Collins Thursday, Mar 19 2020

Devastating Audio of Sen. Burr’s Coronavirus Warning Raises Questions About What Susan Collins Knew and When Did She Know It

This morning, NPR obtained devastating audio of Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Richard Burr telling an elite group of business people in a…

Donald Trump Wednesday, Mar 18 2020

GASLIGHTER/DENIER: Trump: “I’ve Always Known This Is a Pandemic.”

After months of downplaying the threat of COVID-19 and failing to prepare the United States for a global pandemic that…

Donald Trump Wednesday, Mar 18 2020

QUICK CLIPS: Trump: “That’s Been the Story of Life,” Wealthy People to the Front in COVID-19 Testing

During today’s Coronavirus Task Force press conference, Donald Trump made it alarmingly clear that the wealthy will have access to…

Donald Trump Wednesday, Mar 18 2020

Amidst COVID-19 Crisis, Trump & Family Continue Illegally Profiting off of Taxpayers at Doral Resort

"With a looming public health crisis on the horizon, Donald Trump, again, sought to corruptly leverage his power to personally…

Donald Trump Tuesday, Mar 17 2020

NPR: Poll: Americans Don’t Trust What They’re Hearing From Trump On Coronavirus

“For months, Donald Trump dangerously downplayed the risks of COVID-19 and stumbled over himself to take credit for a lackluster…

Donald Trump Thursday, Mar 12 2020


*Excluding all countries with a Trump Resort “In the middle of a global pandemic, it comes as no surprise to…

News Donald Trump Joe Biden Tuesday, Mar 10 2020

American Bridge Congratulates Joe Biden, Launches First Ad of General Election Campaign in Pennsylvania

American Bridge President Bradley Beychok tonight announced the group’s plans to support former Vice-President Joe Biden after he secured numerous…

Donald Trump Tuesday, Mar 10 2020

ICYMI: Opinion: Scranton Times-Tribune: Opinion: At Scranton Town Hall, Trump lets truth slip on plans for Medicare, Social Security

The following op-ed from American Bridge President Bradley Beychok is running in today’s print edition of the Scranton Times-Tribune. It…

Donald Trump Economy Jobs Tuesday, Mar 10 2020

ICYMI: Trump promised to bring back manufacturing in Pennsylvania. He didn’t. Will it cost him?

"The numbers don't lie. Donald Trump made big promises to workers and manufacturers, but he’s completely failed to deliver results," said…

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