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News Press Releases Donald Trump Thursday, Feb 15 2024

ICYMI: Trump Caught Altering Newsweek Articles Posted to Truth Social

Feb 15, 2024

Donald Trump lied more than 16,000 times during his first three years in office, all while attacking members of the media, deeming unfavorable stories as “fake news.” As he runs for a second term, The New Republic revealed in at least two instances, Trump shared edited versions of Newsweek articles that omitted unflattering sections of articles.

In at least two instances, Trump shared edited versions of Newsweek articles on Truth Social, quietly snipping away portions at his own discretion.

On Wednesday, Trump shared a screenshot of a Newsweek story. Trump’s version, shared on his TruthSocial account, omits a lede that references the outcome of the 2020 election (which Biden won), and cuts a line about the “81-year-old” Biden being seen as too old to run for president. Trump is 77 years old.

The New Republic report also shows MeidasTouch caught Trump on Tuesday altering another piece by the weekly news magazine, posting screenshots of an article titled “Donald Trump Poised to Be First Republican to Win Popular Vote in 20 Years,” that again failed to disclose that he had removed several sections from the original story that referenced Biden’s strengths as a candidate, Biden’s predicted wins, and Trump’s failures.

Trump also removed an NBC poll reference from the article that found Biden will be seen as “competent and effective” and lead with two points if Trump is convicted of a felony.

The New Republic concluded, “Considering his 91 criminal charges, recent major trial losses, and rickety political platform, perhaps media manipulation is the only way the GOP front-runner can get the kind of press he desires in well-regarded outlets.”

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Published: Feb 15, 2024 | Last Modified: Feb 21, 2024

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