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News Economy Monday, Jun 20 2016

Ron Johnson Backs Trump's Job-Killing Economic Plan


GOP 2024 Presidential Hopefuls Press Releases Nikki Haley LGBTQ+ Thursday, Jun 9 2022

Nikki Haley Claims “Don’t Say Gay” Law Doesn’t Go Far Enough For Her


GOP 2024 Presidential Hopefuls News Articles Press Releases Ron DeSantis Campaign Finance Friday, Sep 23 2022

ROUND UP: Ron DeSantis Accepts Money from Alleged Mob Family, OAN CEO

GOP 2024 Presidential Hopefuls Press Releases Donald Trump Monday, Sep 18 2023

Funny Money: Trump inflates value of private-jet LLC by 5000% or more

AB Leadership Monday, Aug 15 2011

Washington Post: When Republicans question Obama’s identity, it’s all part of the game

On August 15, 2011, the Washington Post's Greg Sargent wrote:

NBC’s Carrie Dann reports that Rick Perry has now taken to claiming that the United States should have a President who is “in love with America.” This will not be deemed outrageous or even noteworthy. That comes after Perry’s announcement speech over the weekend in which he repeated this falsehood:
“We don’t need a president who apologizes for America. We need a president who protects and projects those values.”
To my knowledge, the Post’s Glenn Kessler is the only reporter whopointed out that the claim that Obama apologized for America is, well, a falsehood.

AB Leadership Saturday, Aug 13 2011

Pawlenty Says Goodbye

On August 13, MSNBC's First Read reported:

"And file this away: At the last stop of Pawlenty's campaign before today's Ames Straw poll, the former Minnesota governor yesterday approached someone his campaign rarely openly welcomes -- a tracker from the liberal leaning organization American Bridge. Trackers are accustomed to being approached by campaigns, usually in an attempt to get them to leave. But rarely does the candidate seek out trackers -- and perhaps never has a candidate had a request similar to Pawlenty's: He wanted to take a photo with the tracker, telling him: "In case we never see each other again." So Pawlenty and a stunned tracker -- who had been following the candidate through Iowa since he announced his run on May 23 -- made their way up to the stage and stood next to each other and smiled while a photographer snapped a photo. Asked by NBC News whether it meant his campaign is running out of steam, Pawlenty answered, "Will [the tracker's name] has been following us around, and I wanted to make sure we got a picture before whatever is next for him."

News Economy Jobs Taxes Friday, Aug 12 2011

MEMO: Unanswered Questions From The GOP Debate / Rick Perry Joins The Race

Thursday night, the Republican candidates for President took the stage for a debate in Iowa.

Though the proceedings were overshadowed by Rick Perry, who is following in Fred Thompson's footsteps as the GOP's "next big thing," there was a moment in the debate which provided perhaps the most important insight into the current state of the Republican Party. Each of the candidates raised their hand to indicate that they would walk away from any compromise legislation that included revenue, even at a 10:1 ratio in favor of spending cuts. This should not be considered a surprise considering the brinksmanship of Republican candidates who have used extreme rhetoric advocating default or dangerous economic policies to push our economy over the edge.

With that said, here are the questions that we’re still waiting for Republican candidates to answer, after the jump.

News Economy Jobs Friday, Aug 12 2011

MEMO: Some Things To Consider As You Cover Rick Perry

Like his campaign predecessors Fred Thompson and Jon Huntsman, Gov. Rick Perry’s imminent announcement has inspired buzz and high expectations. Dissatisfied Republicans are in a frenzy over the GOP’s “next big thing.” Unfortunately though they fail to look past the glamour of a budding campaign and see who the candidate really is. We know political journalists will not do the same. Just as Fred Thompson failed to live up to the mythology surrounding his candidacy, America will soon discover Rick Perry is not what he seems. When the excitement around Perry inevitably dies down, as it did with Huntsman, an inherently flawed candidate will emerge. After the jump, some basic information to help guide you as you write about Rick Perry’s record in Texas, along with some important questions we hope this new presidential candidate will answer in the very near future.

News Economy Jobs Friday, Aug 12 2011

Rick Perry: Jobs Wizard?

Rick Perry is quick to tout his state’s job growth on the campaign trail, but the real story of the Texas jobs “miracle” is decidedly mixed. The state’s private sector job growth has been far outpaced by the Texas government, and many new positions are low-paying and lack benefits: Texas is tied with Mississippi for the highest percentage of low-wage workers in the country. The state also boasts a variety of natural advantages not easy replicated, ranging from its oil and natural gas reserves to a massive border with Mexico. And Perry’s primary economic incentive tools as governor – the Texas Enterprise Fund and Emerging Technology Fund – have issued grants to businesses owned by Perry’s political donors even when they fail to create jobs. View the supporting research after the jump.

News Friday, Aug 12 2011

Rick Perry's Capital Of Cronyism

In Texas, It Pays To Know Rick Perry

In Rick Perry’s office, the revolving door spins both ways: Perry has recruited several senior staffers from the ranks of Austin’s lobbying community, and at least 17 of his former aides have left for lobbying careers. Being close to Perry has its benefits – Perry had appointed nearly a thousand of his donors to boards and commissions, has supported legislation on their behalf, and directed large business incentive grants to their companies. Even Perry himself has profited, thanks to questionable stock and real estate investments involving close allies.

Detailed research after the jump.

News Economy Jobs Friday, Aug 12 2011

MEMO: Rehberg's Job Corps Hypocrisy

Today, Congressman Rehberg will do a “stop-in” at the Trapper Creek Job Corp Center in Darby. No doubt, he will use this opportunity to lavish praise on the organization as he mounts his bid for U.S. Senate. Unfortunately, this is just one more example of Congressman Rehberg trying to take credit in Montana for projects he votes against in Washington D.C. As seen below, Congressman Rehberg has attacked the Job Corps even going as far as to questioning their effectiveness. Unfortunately, this is just one more example of Congressman Rehberg saying one thing in Montana and doing another in Washington DC. Congressman Dennis Rehberg has continually gone to Washington DC and stabbed Montanans in the back. Whether it is ending Medicare as we know it, slashing Social Security, or voting against funding for vital projects and programs, no amount of rhetoric will be able to overcome his decade long record of voting against Montana. Detailed research after the jump.

AB Leadership Economy Friday, Aug 12 2011

Lincoln Journal-Star Editorial: Bruning's Words Are An Embarrassment

Nebraska Attorney General and Republican Senate candidate Jon Bruning has had a very rough week back home. After American Bridge posted video of him comparing welfare recipients to raccoons, he has been the subject of riducule both nationally and in his back yard. Yesterday, we highlighted how Nebraska television stations reacted to the offensive blunder. POLITICO noted, "One way you can tell if an issue has really punched through is if it lands on local television newscasts. That's why Jon Bruning's comment comparing welfare recipients to raccoons matters." Today, things got worse for Bruning. The Lincoln Journal-Star published a scathing editorial titled "Bruning's words are an embarrassment." See what the Lincoln Journal-Star had to say after the jump

News Economy Health Care LGBTQ+ Friday, Aug 12 2011

Rick Perry: Tea Party Frenemy

Rick Perry was quick to recognize and capitalize on the tea party’s rise in 2009, casting himself as a strong advocate for “state-based” solutions and railing against perceived encroachments from Washington. But activists have been less than impressed with Perry’s deviation from the movement’s hardline stances on immigration, property rights, government mandates and spending itself. See the research after the jump.

News Thursday, Aug 11 2011

Mitt Romney: "Corporations Are People, My Friend"

In new tracking footage from the Iowa State Fair, Mitt Romney claims "corporations are people, my friend." Watch:

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