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News Education Friday, Apr 12 2013

Chris Christie's Big Bucks Hypocrisy

Apr 12, 2013

Where are Chris Christie’s priorities?

Christie Called Former Rutgers Athletic Director Tim Pernetti’s $1.2 Million Severance Package “Reasonable.” According to a staff editorial in the Asbury Park Press, “Gov. Chris Christie, who has long railed against people on public payrolls getting something for nothing, this week called the severance package of former Rutgers athletic director Tim Pernetti ‘reasonable.’ By what stretch of the imagination is a package of $1.2 million in salary, two years of health insurance, a $12,000-a-year car allowance and possession of a school-issued laptop and iPad — for someone who was asked to resign — ‘reasonable?’ Not only that, but Pernetti gets to keep the money even if he takes another job, and the school has promised not to make any derogatory statements about him to the news media or potential employers.” [Asbury Park Press, 4/9/13]

Christie Called For A One-Year Freeze On State Employee And Teacher Salaries. According to the Jersey Journal, “Gov. Chris Christie yesterday called for teachers and school employees statewide to accept a yearlong wage freeze to prevent layoffs, cuts to student programs and higher property taxes as a result of his steep budget cuts… The governor said those moves could prevent ugly scenarios of teacher layoffs, cuts in the curriculum or athletic activities and property tax increases above the usual 4 percent annual limit. ‘This is a fight worth having,’ Christie told school officials in Somerville. ‘This is a fight to save our teachers, to save the programs in our schools and to save our children’s education from being diminished in any way over the next year.’” [Jersey Journal, 3/24/10]

Published: Apr 12, 2013

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