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Thursday, May 2 2013

Ken Cuccinelli: What else is he hiding?

May 02, 2013

As details continue to trickle out in what the Washington Post called “a rapidly thickening ethical morass,” American Bridge 21st Century released a new web ad today asking what else Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is hiding in the case of Star Scientific.

After finally admitting that his office had a conflict of interest in the prosecution of Star Scientific, the matter grew even more complicated for Cuccinelli when it came to light that he failed to disclose thousands of dollars in gifts from embattled Star Scientific CEO Jonnie R. Williams. Last Friday, his office recused itself from prosecuting embezzlement charges pursued by Cuccinelli against whistle-blower and former Executive Mansion chef Todd Schneider. Now, reports have surfaced that Governor and Mrs. McDonnell are under investigation by the FBI for their relationship with Williams.

Later today Cuccinelli’s office is expected to defend his motion to recuse himself. Will Cuccinelli come out of hiding and argue the case himself, or stay in his bunker and continue to avoid facing Virginia voters?

Published: May 2, 2013

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