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News Tuesday, May 14 2013

What is Ken Hiding? Cuccinelli Refuses to Answer Key Questions

May 14, 2013

WASHINGTON — American Bridge 21st Century today called on Virginia Attorney General to stop stonewalling and answer key questions regarding his handling of a case involving Star Scientific and its CEO. Cuccinelli has refused to answer repeated questions about whether he discussed an ongoing tax case with CEO Jonnie Williams.

5/14: “Cuccinelli’s PR people, both in the office and with the campaign, never would give a yes or no answer to our (much repeated) question about whether he and Williams had ever discussed the tax issue.”

5/11: “Through their spokespeople, Bob McDonnell and Cuccinelli repeatedly declined to comment when asked whether they had ever discussed the tax liability with Star CEO Jonnie Williams, who gave McDonnell and Cuccinelli gifts ranging from $15,000 for the wedding of McDonnell’s daughter to the use by Cuccinelli of the Smith Mountain Lake home.”

“Cuccinelli’s stonewalling on very serious ethical issues is inexcusable,” said American Bridge communications director Chris Harris. “It took Cuccinelli nearly two years and a boatload of bad headlines to finally admit that he had a conflict of interest in the ongoing case involving Star Scientific and his good friend Jonnie Williams. Now he’s continuing to withhold key information from Virginia’s taxpayers by repeatedly refusing to disclose whether he discussed the tax lawsuit with his buddy. What else is he hiding?”

Published: May 14, 2013

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