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News Foreign Policy Wednesday, Sep 28 2016

Reminder: Trump's NATO Policy Puts Poland, U.S. Allies At Risk

Sep 28, 2016

Today, Donald Trump spoke at the Polish American Congress in Chicago. During the event, Trump praised Brexit — which is highly unpopular in Poland — and attempted to downgrade the effects his NATO policies would have on Poland. In reality though, the risk Trump poses to Poland and U.S. allies is too great to ignore.

We already know that Trump is temperamentally unfit to hold the nuclear codes, and that his vague “secret” plan to fight ISIS is likely nonexistent. That alone is enough to keep him out of the Oval Office. Then there’s Trump’s outlandish and dangerous opinion of NATO.

Trump has repeatedly called NATO “obsolete,” said we should “get rid of” it,  and made criticisms of key allies for “ripping off the United States.” Added to that already terrifyingly uninformed foreign policy is Trump’s admiration for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Norweigian Prime Minister Erna Solberg was right when she said,

Published: Sep 28, 2016

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