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News Foreign Policy Wednesday, Sep 28 2016

Congrats Senator Rubio!

Sep 28, 2016

You’re finally making it to a hearing on North Korea! The last one, in January 2016, was a little close if you recall. After getting universally skewered for choosing a fundraiser over a classified briefing, Rubio changed his schedule at the last minute and still missed 80 percent of the briefing.

Doesn’t say much that Rubio is only deciding to go to committee hearings now that he’s in a tough reelection campaign — especially after missing 68 percent of committee hearings since 2011 and missing 60 percent of Foreign Relations hearings.

From CNN:

The Florida Republican was scheduled to be at a fundraiser in his home state Monday at 6 p.m. after campaigning there in the afternoon, which would have prevented him from going to Washington.

Monday afternoon, after publication of this story and others highlighting the schedule conflict, a spokesman for Rubio’s Senate office said he would be at the hearing after all.

Rubio arrived at Monday’s hearing roughly an hour and 20 minutes in, and then left after about 20 minutes. He maneuvered his way around Capitol hallways to avoid the assembled reporters and did not answer questions.

The confusion over Monday’s hearing was just the latest incident of Rubio apparently missing Senate obligations, which his opponents have used against him in the race. Rubio has the worst voting record this year of any of the senators running for president, and he missed a classified briefing on the Paris terrorist attacks for campaign events.


Published: Sep 28, 2016

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